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Baby/Toddler Dresses

Alex Tingley —  November 29, 2014 — Leave a comment

My best friend is about to be a mom. She if due December 4th! I can’t wait!

So recently i’ve making baby dresses. It one of my favorite things to do right now! I recently was ask to be part of a bazaar and took some of these dresses with me. I have some left over. They are $25 each shipped. I also do custom orders! I have so much fun with these little dresses! IMG_1789 IMG_1790 IMG_1791 IMG_1792 IMG_1793

Who inspires you?

Alex Tingley —  October 24, 2014 — Leave a comment

We all have people that inspire us, in all aspects of our lives. If it’s your family life, your work life, the creative side of your life, or your spiritual life, there is probably someone you look up to.

Someone who makes us want to be better.

Someone we wish we could be half as good as in whatever it is they inspire us to do or be.

When it comes one of the things I love to do best, it’s my Nana that inspires me. She’s the one that taught me how to sew.

She hasn’t always lived close to me but when she did, for about 2 and a half years, she cultivated in me a love for sewing. She was my homeschool teacher, so I was at her house 3 times a week. Some days we would just set school aside and sew or bake all day.

I’ll never forget the day we made a quilt to send to an orphanage. There is such a special feeling you get when you know you’re doing something to make a difference in someone’s life.

I’m so thankful for the time we had together on those days. She still inspires me, even though she’s in Oklahoma and I’m in Washington. I love her so much and wish we could be closer so we could have sewing days and she can teach me new things and help me to better myself.

Even though I was there for school, I loved the time spent at their house. My Papa was always teasing me about the boy I liked, calling him my boyfriend, even though he wasn’t, and my Nana teaching me. Whether it was school, sewing, baking, or knitting, we were always busy on some project.

To those of you who have your grandparents close to you, cherish the moments you have with them.

I hope that one day I will be half the seamstress and lady she is!






(Picture taken in 2009)

My latest project!

Alex Tingley —  January 30, 2013 — 1 Comment

Hey y’all!

My best friend is getting married and I’m her maid of honor! So because she’s awesome she let us pick our own dresses! As long as its gray haha so I decided to do a ruffle skirt and I found this one online but they did have them anymore!


So I decided to make one! I LOVE the way it turned out!!


It was REALLY easy with my ruffle foot!! If you don’t have a ruffle foot you HAVE to get one they are AMAZING! I got mine at hancocks!


Have a wonderful day! :)

Oh the things you can Make

Alex Tingley —  January 23, 2013 — 1 Comment

Hey Y’all

So I decided to have some fun and went on the Burberry site….. OH MY!!! 😯

On the front page was this Skirt and I was like OOO that’s cute!!!


So I clicked on it and about fell out of me chair! They want $495.00!! I was like there is NO way!! So I went on and found this pattern for $5.40

X07216BURDA X07216BURDA - Copy


A short version of skirt B would be an ALMOST perfect match!!

Then I saw this dress Super plain but cute with something under it. The price for this one is $850.00!

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I found this pattern for $10.15. Its not the same but close enough!!



Its amazing how much money you can save by just making it yourself! :)




“I can do that for less”

Alex Tingley —  January 23, 2013 — 1 Comment

Hey Y’all

I just wanted to give you some ideas on how you can take an outfit you see in a magazine or on Pinterest and get it for way less :)


So I found this on Pinterest and I LOVE it!!


So I did some research and found this (its not the exact same but i still think this is cute) for $36.28!


So for the top I found a red V neck on for $12.58



For the skirt i found this Pattern for $4.29. The skirt is like the perfect length!



For Skirt fabric i found this on for $8.97. (For the amount needed)


Just for something extra i found this purse on for $10.98




Like I said its not the same but its super cute!! I hope you enjoyed!! :)


(Click on pictures for link)