The things we leave behind.

Alex Tingley —  February 18, 2015 — Leave a comment

As a child one of my favorite thing do to was play house. My best friend and I would play for hours and hours! We were either fair ladies kidnapped by pirates on a ship in the middle of this sea. (We were really just in the pool in my backyard) Or we were a jewelry maker who was kidnapped and left for dead when a handsome stranger found us and saved the day. We had quite the imagination! And we were always getting kidnapped so a handsome hero could come save us! We were never the kids just satisfied we just playing store. It had to be a big store or it wasn’t fun!

As a now 20 year old I look back on those and wish life was so easy! I’ve always been in love with being in love! Most people in or day and age dream as a child of careers and what collage they want to attend. I was never that person. I dream of growing up getting married and having 4 kids living in the country somewhere on a ranch. I guess I was born in the wrong century.

I guess I just read to many book! Anyone who knows my well know I am a book lover. I didn’t get into reading until I was 16 or 17. I guess sense I couldn’t play house anymore I found another way of escape. I love to escape into the world I wished I lived in! I would love to wake up everyday on a cattle ranch. No phone. No internet. Just wide open country. Like I said earlier I have always have quite the imagination.

I think anymore we try to plan out our lives more then we should. Some of us have a list of the stuff we think we have to do before we true a certain age. Sometimes we need to stop and just remember we are not promised tomorrow! If today was your last would you be happy with the life that you lived? The memory you’re leaving behind? I believe we need to have goals and dreams. But I also believe we need to life everyday as it was our last. When was the last time you told your family you loved them? The last time you just call or sat down and talked to your grandparents. We do not stay on this earth forever. Make sure when it’s your time you’re leaving a good memory.


“Be bold, Be charming, Be sharp, Be generous, Be silly, Be amazing, and always Be yourself”

Alex Tingley

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